Blogging vs social media where should your content go?

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    The dilemma of every beginner marketer, where do I post my stuff? Everyone goes through the same when they’re stepping their toe into the digital marketing world, so it’s not uncommon for you to have this question. However, we can help you get a clear answer to this in the next five minutes. Read on to know more.

    What’s So Great About Blogging?

    Blog posts are a crucial part of your digital marketing efforts. Firstly, precisely targeted blog posts help you gain visibility in search engine results, leading to an increase in website traffic. Secondly, they are the education part of your funnel, telling the potential customers about a problem and how your product can solve it and then leading them to the sales page.

    Unlike social media posts, you can get everlasting content for your website on blog posts that will stay in Google’s search results for years (if your site is well-managed), which will get you consistent organic traffic. Social media doesn’t work like that. Once a post is a few days old, it is no longer shown to people, so it’s not long-lasting.

    Secondly, blog posts are longer; they introduce the topic, provide arguments, explanations, solutions, and close off with some last thoughts. This makes them a complete resource, and a reader usually gets everything they want to know about a topic. This is not the case with social media, as its post’s ideal length is only 40-80 characters.

    What’s So Great About Social Media?

    Contrary to blog posts, social media posts are easier to produce because they are smaller in length. Since the attention span of a social media user is 1.7 (mobile) to 2.5 (desktop) seconds, long format posts rarely work.

    Plus, they can go viral overnight as people can share social media posts right on the platform via their profiles among a similar audience. This is not the case with blog posts; they can only be shared on social media and not on other blogs.

    Moreover, you can use social media posts to consistently stay in front of your audience and position your brand in their minds. Since they are cheaper, easier and faster to produce, you can post several of them daily and be at the back of your potential customers’ minds. Blogging doesn’t have that kind of posting frequency as blogs are lengthy and take more time to produce.

    So, What Should You Do?

    Now you must be wondering, what do I do? Both of these platforms are worlds apart; how to reach people effectively? The blog is for the type of audience that is actively looking for what you have to offer. That’s why they go through the hassle of searching for the topic on Google. So they are a quality audience.

    On the other hand, social media audience may not be as high quality as blog’s, but it’s very high in quantity. So, we suggest you combine both and get the best of both worlds. Also, make the shorter versions of your blog posts with graphics and post them on social media with links to blog posts for cross-channel traffic.

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