BNI Marshland


The Website Brief

To be honest there wasn't one for this site, after 8 years in a BNI chapter I decided to make a move to a new chapter that was closer to home (I admit it, I'm getting old and an extra hour in bed makes a big difference). So first order of business was to make a new website, after all BNI is based on "Givers gain", it would of course been easy to just move the old site over and say there you go, but that is far too simple and not much fun.

So 11 weeks on BNI Marshland have a new message, a new design and a brand new website and there is lot's more to come, the website is currently at phase one, the let's get it out there phase…


The Result

The website has only been live for a few days so it's a little early to tell but it is already indexed in Google and is doing quiet nicely. We hope all the members of Marshland BNI like the new website, it is a work in progress so I'm sure over the coming month's it will become a useful resource for members, local businesses and their customers.

Colin Needham

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