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Do I need a domain before talking to you?

Not really, we can purchase domain names on your behalf and to be honest things tend to work a little better when the domain name is in the same location as the web hosting. We do charge for the domain name on an annual basis but it is always your property, if you decide to leave us we are happy to arrange for a domain name transfer.

How long will the website take to design and build?

This often depends on the size and complexity of the website for instance an e commerce website will take longer to build than a basic business website. If you are supplying the content for your website it can delay the process if it is not ready to go. As a guide a basic business website usually takes takes about 12 weeks from start to launch.

How much does a website cost?

Website costs can vary depending on various factors, just as the cost of a house or a car can vary. Our website projects start at around £587 range for a basic business website, costs range up from there depending on your unique needs.

I have my own web hosting can i use that for my website?

Over time you learn that not all web hosting is the same, our dedicated servers have a high specification and are located in the UK. We only host our own websites on these servers so we know the history of each and every one, this ensures they are all secured and being backed up correctly. So we will only work on projects where the website is hosted with us on our servers.

I only want web hosting, can you provide that?

No, sorry but our servers are only for websites we build this is the only way we can ensure and maintain a quality of service to our clients.

Who provides my email services

Some of our clients have their own dedicated email servers but if you don't we have several options. You can purchase IMAPor POP3mailboxes with 2GB or 50GB of space or our top of the line Microsoft Exchange mailboxes are also available.

Do you do Graphic Design?

We do indeed

Do you do Photography?

Yes, we specialise in product photography, however we can recommend you to professionals in that field if you need something more in depth like life photography.

How much does monthly maintenance cost?

Maintenance prices start from £22 + VAT and will include a full site backup, Plugin updates and SEO report.

Do you offer a premium SEO soluition?

Yes, we offer a premium SEO service, for organic search results, prices start from £50 p/m Plus VAT

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