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Downham Market, Norfolk

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Anne Clarke Associates Ltd


Downham Market, Norfolk


Our journey with Anne Clarke Associates has been an interesting one, the first site we designed was on a much older content management system which was at the time ideal but they later found limiting. The second site in contrast was easy to edit and the final version included a detailed insight into each course they ran at the time along with multiple forms.

The brief for the current was site was to make it simpler in both design and structure so the content and design were stripped back to the bare essentials. Ease of use, responsive design and appeal to two distinct markets were the key points defining the end result.

Anne Clarke


Defining the very different visitors to the site was key to the success of this project.

  1. Using the brand colours as a key the menus pages and relevant links are all colour coded.
  2. New images also highlight the different visitor requirements.
  3. A site link to a portal page was added to ensure ease of use by the client.


We have always found that Anne Clarke Associates projects are never quite finished because of the constantly changing world of apprenticeship training. New pages and features are often being requested and it’s great to work with clients who see the importance of online marketing.


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