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Wisbech, United Kingdom.

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Web Design / Website Development




Wisbech, United Kingdom.


Website and branding project, the brief was simple, create a sophisticated logo and brand that matched the service offered by Jambaree mobile bars. The focus would be on SEO for the website as Jambaree we’re a new company at the time (2008) and the client required access to a CMS to add and edit content.



Our initial research into the competition at the time showed that very few mobile bar companies had a reasonable online presence or focused branding so we took the following steps.

  1. New branding with two formats, with and without glasses
  2. A standard website (responsive websites came later)
  3. Rinse and repeat, the same consistent branding and strong message on printed materials and vehicle livery.
  4. Focused and concerted SEO campaign.


Jambaree were set to take their new business forward, even though the site has had no work on it in 8 years they still hold a page 1 rank for local counties. It may not surprise you that they also held a national page 1 rank for many years and this helped Jambaree establish and grow their business.


(a.k.a. Colin Needham) creative director at Tmorph Digital Design, I have been working as a designer for over three decades and have amassed a great deal of experience in digital marketing and design. I'm passionate about web design and I'm always searching for the best solutions to problems that might not have even occurred yet, guess I'm a bit of a forward thinker. If I'm not in front of a computer I'm probably behind a camera, on my bike or enjoying some music with my family.

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