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Irinni Counselling

Brandon, Thetford

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Web Design


Liz Jenkins


Brandon, Thetford


Based in Suffolk, Irinni Counselling aim’s to work with clients to help them reach some peace in their lives. In fact, the word peace was a key indicator to how this website should be approached, a peaceful place to visit, not designed to shout or scream a message but to help reflect the experience clients obviously experience during counseling sessions with Liz Jenkins.

Irinni Counselling


The image on the home page was, to the overall message and although it was not very high resolution it was possible to upscale the image to make it clear and inviting. The colours used on the website were then picked from the image to avoid clashes and keep the overall effect calming. The fonts were chosen for exactly the same reason, easy on the eyes and easy to read, clean, uncomplicated typography with plenty of space being used.


The mobile responsive website works perfectly across all devices and has a fresh, clean and peaceful look that invites the viewer to read more. Call to actions are kept to a bare minimum but there are enough ways to get in touch with ease.


(a.k.a. Colin Needham) creative director at Tmorph Digital Design, I have been working as a designer for over three decades and have amassed a great deal of experience in digital marketing and design. I'm passionate about web design and I'm always searching for the best solutions to problems that might not have even occurred yet, guess I'm a bit of a forward thinker. If I'm not in front of a computer I'm probably behind a camera, on my bike or enjoying some music with my family.

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