Increase sales and leads using chatbots

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    Chatbots are one of the most effective tools for customer service when it comes to e-commerce websites for a number of reasons. They are fast, error-free, and provide near-to-accurate information to the customers, which ultimately increase sales and leads. Statistics tell us that businesses enjoyed an increase of 67% in their sales using a chatbot in 2019.

    Chatbots help increases sales and leads for an e-commerce company through the following ways:

    • These bots allow businesses to respond more efficiently to the inquiries of the consumers. On average, they respond 3x more efficiently than the human consumer service.
    • What’s even better is that the chatbots help increase the customers’ overall satisfaction in terms of the accuracy and authenticity of the information presented.

    Benefits of Chatbots for Increasing Sales
    Let’s see some of the benefits of chatbots for increasing sales in the e-commerce market.

    1. Voice Bots

    Voice bots specialise in speeding up the conversational marketing strategy of businesses and are AI-based. It takes the ideology of digital dialogue-based marketing one step further. This is done through transmuting corporate website communication to the voice assistant scale. This makes the communication much similar to a normal business-client conversation happening in a market.
    This channel of communication has, in fact, become highly popular, as shown in a lot of studies based on smart speakers and voice assistants. For example, Deloitte concludes that speakers’ total market supply and distribution will increase 30% from 33.3 million USD every year from 2017 to 2021.

    2. FAQs Chatbots

    The use of these chatbots to answer the most common inquiries allows a business to have more time to focus on different tasks. Moreover, it essentially means that clients have a quick response to their queries in a mobile-friendly type of interface, so they are able to get service easily anywhere, anytime.

    3. Chatbot Scheduling

    With chatbot scheduling, it is easier to initiate the sales process. This is because the consumer will be able to lead through the website’s sales funnel. Although it cannot close the final deal for you, it can arrange a client’s call with the business dealers. Scheduling calls at their earliest can speed up the whole process to a dramatic extent.

    Not to forget, your business will be concentrating on the quality of customer care as the chatbot would be on the frontline, taking care of the necessary tasks. Your sales support and customer teams will be able to concentrate on factors like loyalty programs, retention, and onboarding that can get you better customer satisfaction rates, sales, leads, and renewals.

    Final Words

    Chatbots are already an inevitable part of the e-commerce market. The fields of application for chatbots are on their way to further expansion with the increase of usage along with better sales and leads for a business. It is only a matter of time when different features from AI and other technologies will further enhance the overall experience of the chatbots, leading to a better outcome in different scales.

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