Is a free web site builder right for your business?

We all know they exist, they’re even advertised on television now, web site builders that are going to take away the pain of having a new website. They’re simple to use, look great when finished and best of all my new website is free, why should I hire a web designer?

Well as the old saying goes there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, the fancy web sites you see developed on systems like WIX and Squarespace look great because they are designed by their own professional web designers who understand web design, just like us.

We’ve listed some of the shortfalls with using just one of these systems below and will be updating this post soon.

Flash Based Technologies

The vast majority of Wix websites are based on Flash, for things like video and animations. With HTML 5 becoming ever so popular, and much… much lighter to load on devices such as mobile and tablets, it’s no wonder why Flash, is on a slow course for destruction.

First Impressions count… Right? Why should online be any different?

It takes less than a second to form a lasting, first impression of the people we meet, so why should a website be any different. In Fact, a website has just seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, seconds to get its message across, seconds before they’re gone forever, not much time is it!

To be an effective marketing tool a website needs to draw a visitor in, it needs to grab their attention visually and have clear calls to action. That’s why we create stunning websites that are intuitive, easy to navigate and that guide visitors seamlessly through the content, maximising the chances that they’ll call, contact, click or buy.

Speed and Performance

Wix websites load a lot slower when compared to the vast majority of easy to manage CMS websites like WordPress, mainly because theirs hosted on shared servers, whereas we use dedicated servers from 1&1 IONIOS with powerful 8 core Intel Xeon CPU, 64GB’s of DDR4 Ram, and 1TB SSD in Raid Array config (server-grade hardware) meaning your website will load in a jiffy, making the customer wait for less, therefore increasing the chance they’ll call, contact, click or buy.

Poor SEO performance (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google isn’t a fan of Wix, mainly due to the use of Flash technologies, as we discussed at the very start of this article, hence your website doesn’t rank well if it uses Wix. The end result of this will be less traffic heading to your site, and potentially going to one of your competitors.

The main feature Google takes into account when it comes down to SEO is how rich the content is on your website, also bringing us back to speed and performance, if your website loads slowly, you will be forever trying to fight your ranks, due to your website not delivering fast content.

Is WIX really FREE

As with anything in life, if it’s FREE it’s probably too good to be true, and it’s the same story with Wix, even though they market the service as FREE to use you will quickly find the things you want to add will come at a cost. You are able to buy so-called “Premium” features like professional domains and even e-commerce add ons but the prices for these features range from £10 per/month to £382 per/month, not so “FREE” anymore, is it?

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Adrian Needham

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