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The Website Brief

I met Kayleigh Wood at a network meeting about seven months ago, and at the time a someone was building her a new website for her business. I think despair finally led her to talk to me 10 weeks ago, after 8 months of very little progress and a design she wast really happy with she asked if I could help. We rushed through our online form which gave us the basis of a brief along with a few emails, having brand guidelines to work with was a real bonus for this website was a real bonus and I started work straight away.

Our Solution

We chose a grid system for the KW design studio website which did create a few issues, (got to love media query CSS for fixing stuff) but the initial design was supplied to the client on the same day as we received the deposit payment for the website. Usually we just get a sign off from clients for a design or a few simple comments but I think Kayleigh's response sums up the solution better than any words I can use.

"Wow! Looking great, you have managed more in a day than the previous guy managed in a whole 8 months, and you got the look I am after. Super pleased with that."

Kayleigh Wood


The Result

The new KW design website was launched two weeks ago, design from start to finish was 8 weeks and that included having the content written by our copywriters and bringing together all of the images for the website. I know Kayleigh has already added a lot of content and we still have to complete some links once she has everything in place. It's a website I'm really pleased with, it was a little challenging at times but I think the overall effect was well worth the extra effort.

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