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Want more B2B web traffic

Try increasing the number of quality blogs you post each month, Hubspot suggest 11+ blog posts to get 3x more traffic.

Facebook for professionals

Nearly 75% of people now say they are using Facebook for business and professional purposes.

Blog post titles

To attract more traffic to your blog posts make sure your blog title is 6 – 13 words long…

Email Footers

Try to avoid just using an image in your email footers, if your recipient doesn’t use html email all your contact details will be lost.

Image file names

Using images, Google and users prefer hyphens (-) to underscores (_) in file names. so-do-it like-this and not_like_this

Social Media

Impacting on SEO, social media is one of the best channels to promote your brand and engage with your audience, so it benefits digital strategies massively.

Local SEO

Want to get noticed in your area, you can start by setting up a Google+ Local page, it can really help.


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