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The StickMen - Snowboarding single page showcase website

New idea, new showcase

It struck us the other day that we rarely get to showcase the great features we can now offer in website design, features designed to inform and excite visitors. Features that can help your website stand out from the mundane, run of the mill websites that don't really achieve the goals they set out to fulfil. We could sit here for hours writing long, drawn out blogs trying to explain this fun stuff, after all it would be great #googlejuice, but we're a design company, we communicate visually, surely it's better just to show you this stuff in action.

Well that's what we thought any way, so today we are launching our very first 'showcase site', a site briefed, designed and developed by us to help you visualise how great design and even greater features can help you stand out from the crowd.

Why did we choose snowboarding?

We'd really like to give you an answer about our passion for this as a sport or hobby but that would be a lie, there is one governing factor to all the showcase sites and that is the availability of great photographs and videos from royalty free websites like Photodune, Billionphotos and GraphicStock. Of course if these were real websites we would also be looking for fantastic written copy as well, crafted to read well by visitors and work wonders with SEO, but for now we will settle for latin body copy and a few well chosen, subject related headings.

A little about the website

This website shares the same WordPress core as many of our sites and uses our custom theme and page creator to bring it to life, our custom theme starts life as a blank, white canvas which allows us to be really creative with the design process.

A single page site with attached blog, keeping it simple means we can easily highlight certain points and here they are.

  • Of course the website is mobile responsive, it looks as good on a 27" desktop screen as it does on a smart phone.
  • Top navigation uses anchors within the single page design and locks to the page top on scroll.
  • The hero image leads directly into the call to action, in this case a newsletter subscription.
  • No horizontal lines on the homepage, last time we checked you needed mountains to snowboard and the arrow section breaks reflect this.
  • Team members displayed on a carousel slider which allows for transparent backgrounds.
  • Animated counters to highlight statistics.
  • The next section has a scrolling slideshow background with colour overlay.
  • Finally the blog links slider, hover over the image to see the blog article content, click on the image to read the blog.

Why not have a look now…

We're busy on the next showcase site right now so follow us on Facebook for updates…

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