Our web design process…

…this is where the cogs start to turn, where the fun begins

Three simple stages to get you started…

Stage 1 - The Design Brief

This is your chance to tell us why you need a new website, the pages you want to include, the keywords you want to use and anything else you feel is important. It's also our opportunity to ask the right questions; How does your company work? How will a website help your company? What are your online SMART goals?

Stage 2 - The Proposal

Our proposal will detail how we can help you achieve your goals and meet your needs for your new website. We'll tell you about your investment and maybe suggest some options that may improve your website long term. We're always happy to discuss proposals in detail if it helps and make changes where necessary.

Stage 3 - Pre-Flight Checks

Pre-Flight is a chance to discuss timescales for your new website and to finalise the site plan ready for the Design process to begin. We plan to have your website ready to launch in 30 working days, which should give you plenty of time to prepare your content (text, logos, photographs, etc.) and approve each stage of the design process. 

Website design and development - now the fun starts, don't forget your content!

Day 0 - Site Plan

The Site Plan is approved in the Pre-Flight stage.

Day 1 - Design & Prototype

This is the bit best part, designing the website, crayons and colouring pencils are at the ready to bring your interactive prototype to life.

Day 10 - Test Drive & Approval

We won't ask you to imagine your website as a lifeless PDF or laser print, we'll give you the keys and let you take a test drive of the real thing.

Day 14 - Content & Development

Next we add your content and finalise the coding, adding any final touches to make your beautiful, mobile responsive website.

Day 22 - Content Approval

We'll need your approval at this stage before we can continue.

Day 26 - Testing

Almost done, testing is the final piece of the puzzle, every website goes through our rigorous tests before the final launch.

Day 29 - Final Checks/Approval

Last chance to check things over before launch.

Day 30 - Launch Day

Finally your amazing new mobile responsive website is ready to launch into cyber space, today the world can visit your business online, maybe for the first time, using computers, tablets, smartphones and even smart TV's. You've taken the first step, now enjoy the rest of the journey.

Please note: We aim to have most websites launched within 30 days of project commencement but timescales can be affected by the complexity of your needs or non delivery of client content. Any expected changes in timescale will be discussed prior to us starting the project.

What happens next? - training and 30 days free support of course…

Launch day + 1 - Training

We know our page creator is easy to use, but everything gets a little bit better when you get some tips from the experts. If your business is local to us we'll probably give you a one to one session on making changes, if you're a bit further afield we have a set of training video's to get you started.

30 Days Free Support

Your website comes with 30 days free support to iron out any wrinkles you may encounter, these should be few and far between after the training session though. If you do have any problems just send us an email or call to get help, remember we do need some detail of what's happening so we can track down any problems.

Care Packages

You will have already signed up for our basic care which includes your monthly web hosting, monthly system updates, daily back ups and of course your website security. But what if you want more, well we have various add ons for care packages that are available, why not call to discuss your needs.

If you like the sound of that hit the button below…

quick tips

Want more B2B web traffic

Try increasing the number of quality blogs you post each month, Hubspot suggest 11+ blog posts to get 3x more traffic.

Facebook for professionals

Nearly 75% of people now say they are using Facebook for business and professional purposes.

Blog post titles

To attract more traffic to your blog posts make sure your blog title is 6 – 13 words long…

Email Footers

Try to avoid just using an image in your email footers, if your recipient doesn’t use html email all your contact details will be lost.

Image file names

Using images, Google and users prefer hyphens (-) to underscores (_) in file names. so-do-it like-this and not_like_this

Social Media

Impacting on SEO, social media is one of the best channels to promote your brand and engage with your audience, so it benefits digital strategies massively.

Local SEO

Want to get noticed in your area, you can start by setting up a Google+ Local page, it can really help.


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