The hidden benefits of local landing pages to crush competition


Explicitly designed for local internet searches, a location or local landing page caters to the audience of a particular vicinity. It attracts, educates and converts a location-specific customer base by being in front of them when making a location-specific search query in a search engine such as Google or Bing.

For instance, a Locksmith services seller in Portsmouth will try to rank for search queries on Google for lock repairs, maintenance, key cutting and installation in the Portsmouth area. So when a customer searches for something like Key cutting in Portsmouth, that company’s local landing page will appear in the results.

The location landing page should always have detailed content about the service or product specific to the geographical area of the business. If a company serves in multiple places, it should have separate local landing pages for each location.


5 Competition Crushing Benefits of Local Landing Pages


Attracts A Good Chunk of Local Customers:

Ask yourself, have you ever searched for a store or business in your area before going shopping? Chances are you have done, so it won’t surprise you that most internet users do this. In fact, 97% of search engine users search online for a local business.

Meaning the majority of your customer base is searching for your business online right now. And you’re leaving a massive amount of money on the table by not going online with local landing pages.


They’re great at converting:

Setting up a local landing page, having good content, and adding a payment/booking button ensures you attract and convert your customers right then and there.

Using a landing page makes perfect sense. They allow you to compete against the competitors around in your region whilst avoiding expensive marketing tactics to tell them about your products/services.


Cater to Mobile Users:

Did you know that over 90% of the global internet population uses a mobile phone to go online? That’s roughly 4.28 billion mobile internet users. So with that in mind, most of your local audience will be using the internet via mobile as well.

If you have your local landing page optimized for mobile devices, you can cater to a mobile audience of your vicinity as well, leading to more sales. The best part is, 88% of customers interact with a local business within 24-hours of discovering it online.


Dominate the Internet:

There are many review platforms like Yelp, Google My Business, BBB, and BirdEye, to name a few. Suppose you set up your business’s profile there and link them to your local landing pages. Then if you offer excellent service to your customers, they’ll leave great reviews on these platforms.

And since 82% of people read online reviews for local businesses first, you’ll be dominating the internet with a profile on every review platform with lots of positive reviews on each.


Improve Local Search Authority:

Last but not least, one of the top benefits of location landing pages is getting improvement in local SEO efforts. It helps build the authority of your main business website so that its pages for other services also show up in search queries when searched.

More importantly, when someone searches for something your landing page talks about, it’s okay if they don’t even use geographical modifiers like ‘near me’. Google will still make the connection based on their GPS location and show them your landing page as a business nearby.

For instance, continuing with the example discussed at the start, if someone searches’ Locksmith services’ on Google doesn’t add ‘in Portsmouth’, they will still show up on local Locksmith’s in Portsmouth because of their phone or computer’s GPS.

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