Top 5 must-have pages for a successful website

Close up on the hands of two young modern businessman using smartphone and laptop - technology, business, working concept - focus on the hands using smartphone

Top 5 must-have pages for a successful website

Close up on the hands of two young modern businessman using smartphone and laptop - technology, business, working concept - focus on the hands using smartphone
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Your website is a virtual shopfront of your business and its first impression. To make your first impression appealing and grabbing for potential customers, you need to create and design your website pages in a compelling way.

To make your website successful, you must have the right pages with impactful, informative, and valuable content. Though the importance of website pages varies from business to business, the top 5 must-have website pages are the following.

Page # 1 The Homepage
This page explains everything about your business. It is the page after viewing which a visitor decides whether to stay to explore more or exit. The actual action happens on this page, like the promotions, new launches, directions to get information etc. Therefore, the objective of your homepage must be clear to the visitor within few seconds.

According to a study, 62 seconds are spent by people on average for viewing a website. Thus, you need to keep the homepage copy, design, and visuals attractive and easy to understand with user-friendly navigation so people can take the next step effortlessly.

Page # 2 The About Us Page
On the about us page, you can get personal and elaborative telling more about your brand or company’s vision and accomplishments. This page is an opportunity to share your business’s aims, mission, and goals through storytelling.

So, be more relatable to your visitors and make them a part of your business family. You can make it exciting and entertaining by adding pictures of your journey from the start, your team, office, etc.

Page # 3 The Product/Services Page
It would be right to say that you get to convert a casual visitor into a regular buyer through this page. It is essential to have an attractive copy with appropriate high-quality product images and a clear call to action. According to estimates, businesses spend around $75,000 a year on digital marketing to allure customers.

So, whatever business you have, whether it’s selling jewelry or cosmetics, you have to craft your product descriptions in such a way that the buyer can’t resist buying your product. Moreover, a vivid story and a short video or product photography play a vital part in strengthening visitors’ visual experience. You can also highlight various product angles, plus allowing the user to zoom the product in and out.

Page # 4 The Blog Page
Product pages only show people an object, but a blog allows the website visitors to get to know the product or service up-close and personal. A well-organised blog section interacts with visitors on every level, be it product usage information, user reviews, product updates or the latest trends.
That is why no website is considered complete without a blog section today. So, your blog page should have the quality to attract visitors’ attention and make them a part of a unique brand adventure.

Page # 5 The Contact Us Page
This page acts as a guiding tool for the customers, providing them accurate information and keeping you informed about your clients’ feedback.
So, this page must be easily accessible for visitors. Depending on your business type, you can post the brand’s physical address, email address, or phone number on this page. You can also provide an option of live chat if needed.

So, now that you know the must-have pages for a website, it’s time to get started and make your website a profit-making tool for your business.

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