Total Domestic Cleaning Services


The Website Brief

The original Total Domestic website was designed on a WordPress platform just before responsive design really took off so it was a fixed width website. As benefits of a mobile responsive website became clear they asked us to redesign the website and try to incorporate a video into the site somewhere.

Our Solution

The site was redesigned to be a full width, mobile responsive design which included some of the elements of the old website and increased the use of the yellow rubber gloves which we originally used in the logo design. The overall look of the site has a clean, fresh and modern feel echoing the quality of service offered by Total Domestic.


The Result

The client is delighted with the new look of the website, their domestic cleaning territory covers most Norfolk and Cambridgeshire but we have been told that one enquiry has come from further afield. Apparently the potential customer liked the website so much he was desperate to use their services and very disappointed when they couldn't help.

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